the funsicology theory


Progressive sequences of developmentally appropriate activities consisting of Musical, Physical, Vocal and Mindful methods for developing and maintaining optimal FUNctioning for early childhood, seniors and special needs populations.

online classes and video series

Funsical provides a wide variety of audio and video routines, as well as educator resources and instructor training programs.

research-based & interdisciplinary

Funsical provides programs that combine elements of music, dance, athletics, fitness, martial arts, yoga and tai chi with physical, occupational and speech therapy as well as mindful and motivational exercises, techniques and patterns into a harmonic blend of progressive routines. See measurable improvements in the areas of Strength, Balance, Endurance and Character.

all ages

Funsical was originally developed for early childhood applications, it has taken its research-based model and created additional programs for seniors and special needs populations. 

founder scott liebler

Scott Leibler is a teacher, writer, trainer and motor development specialist working primarily with early childhood, special needs and senior populations. He has been developing curriculum, teaching in classrooms, personal training and training other teachers, trainers and therapists for over 30 years.