Meet Scottee: Funsical’s Founder & Lead Instructor

Scott Liebler (Scottee) is a teacher, writer, trainer and motor development specialist working primarily with early childhood, special needs and senior populations. He created Funsical while working with various physical, vision and learning therapists, to provide a fun and effective program for providing balanced stimulation and realistic sensory perception to help people develop and maintain optimal functioning. Scott has been developing curriculum, teaching in classrooms, doing personal training and training other teachers, trainers and therapists for over 35 years. 

Since 1985 he’s been evolving  Funscial, a fun and effective program for developing motor, communication and learning abilities using movement, music, vocalization, and mindfulness activities.  

A former gymnast, radio announcer and professional clown, Scott utilizes his vast experience, knowledge and passions to: help children build a foundation for acquiring optimal skills and abilities; and help adults manage stress, build resilience and keep active and alert. His ability to entertain and connect with students and audiences is matched only by his dedication to lifelong learning – while moving and improving.