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Become a Funsical Trainer and/or Certified Funsicologist

You can become a full, part time, or volunteer Certified Funsicalogist and provide Funsical programs as classes or personal training in your area. You need no particular background or experience, just the attitude and energy to provide fun and enlightening experiences of moving and improving for our special populations and some guidance from us!

You may be a good candidate IF:


      • You are an energetic person who enjoys giving as much of themselves as possible.

      • You like learning as much as teaching, and realize that you’re only a teacher if someone learns.

      • You love to make people as happy as yourself.

      • You see beauty in almost everything and everyone.

      • You like to lift attitudes and generate positive energy.

      • You keep your expectations reasonable and are willing to accept reality in all situations.

      • You like to create laughter and keep people smiling.

      • You realize perfection is a momentary experience and accept people for who they are and want to be.

      • You believe everyone is worth your time and energy.

      • You know you are always good enough, but have the humility and energy to keep improving.

    You can receive Child Care CEU’s by taking Scott Liebler’ on line courses at sgclassesonline.com through the following links:


    Workshop Participants

    “Our lead teachers written evaluations showed that they found this workshop to be upbeat, fun, developmentally appropriate and extremely practical. They repeatedly mentioned that purchasing the books, tapes, and CD’s enabled them to apply the new ideas in the classroom the very next day. They like learning why movement is important and the research that supports it. They learned how to teach, not just what to teach. They look forward to seeing if inappropriate classroom behaviors will be reduced with the addition of this program.”

    “Scott Liebler, with Funsical, provided his Chill Pill Prescription training at our 2022 annual Early Childhood Conference. The training Scott provided gave a terrific balance of information and movement. It was the perfect training to keep people awake after lunch.This was especially tricky as we were all on Zoom! We highly recommend Scott as a trainer and plan to contract with him in the future to provide more trainings to our rural early childhood care and education providers.”

    ~ Sheila Anzlovar, Programs Coordinator for Early Childhood Council for Yuma, Washington, and Kit Carson Counties

    “I know the program is something we will continue in our preschool curriculum. The staff at High Plains preschool recommends Funsical Fitness to all who really care about the physical development of children.”

    “Scott presented his Silly-cise, Grinnastics, chuckle jamming and many other Funsical activities to our children’s librarians and THEY LOVED It! They loved the unique approach to storytelling and our children’s librarians are using them in their storytelling circles. The kids can’t get enough of it.”

    “Thanks for the wonderful program and innovative approach to our library story times. I am delighted to let other libraries know this.”

    “I would like to thank Scott for the wonderful and most useful ideas to incorporate into our children’s library programs. I would highly recommend this workshop to all children’s librarians.”

    “I think of Scott and all his crazy antics, and touching words of wisdom and I can’t help but smile. Funsical is sure to tug at the heart strings and tickle the funny bones of all who experience it.”

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