instructor training

Become a Funsical Trainer and/or Certified Funsicologist

You can become a full, part time, or volunteer Certified Funsicalogist and provide Funsical programs as classes or personal training in your area. You need no particular background or experience, just the attitude and energy to provide fun and enlightening experiences of moving and improving for our special populations and some guidance from us!

You may be a good candidate IF:  

  • You are an energetic person who enjoys giving as much of themselves as possible.
  • You like learning as much as teaching, and realize that you’re only a teacher if someone learns.
  • You love to make people as happy as yourself.
  • You see beauty in almost everything and everyone.
  • You like to lift attitudes and generate positive energy.
  • You keep your expectations reasonable and are willing to accept reality in all situations.
  • You like to create laughter and keep people smiling.
  • You realize perfection is a momentary experience and accept people for who they are and want to be.
  • You believe everyone is worth your time and energy.
  • You know you are always good enough, but have the humility and energy to keep improving.

You can receive Child Care CEU’s by taking Scott Liebler’ on line courses at through the following links:

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