Musical, Physical, Vocal, and Mindful Activities that Keep People Moving and Improving.

What Is Funsical?

A unique blending of music, dance, athletics, fitness, martial arts, yoga, and tai chi, 

Mixed with physical, occupational, behavioral, play and speech therapy, 

And a touch of Brain Gym® and other mindful motivational strategies,

Arranged as a series of progressive sequences of exercises, patterns, and routines for developing and maintaining optimal skills and abilities.

Funsical Programing

Why it Works.

All learning, performing and communication skills and abilities are generated and processed within the body’s motor system which is primarily the brain, nervous system and muscles.

The body’s motor system needs proper nutrition, rest, balanced stimulation and realistic sensory perception to function most effectively.

The Funsical program provides balanced stimulation, and realistic sensory perception through it’s fun and playful routines. You can’t help but get up and move!

Move and Learn with Scottee & Friends through Customized Audio/Visual Series 

Brief Brain Breaks

Live and Virtual Classes

Exercise Props & Coordination Classes

20 or 30 Minute Workout Routines

Instructor Training Programs

And More!

Get Involved!

Experience Funsical

Kids to adults can join our programs live or virtually for a group or one-on-one class.

Love What We Do? 

Sponsor group learning or give a gift to a special someone. You can purchase packages and share Funsical resources and programs with your family, friends and professional networks.


Become a Certified Instructor!

Parents, teachers, therapists and care providers can sign up for our Instructor Training (live or virtual). We’ll teach and empower you to integrate Funsical activities to your current programs and/or help you become a Certified Funsical Instructor.

Funsical Group of cute children lying on grass