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The Chill Pill Prescription

Does stress harm or strengthen you?

Are you ready to bid farewell to worthless worrying, anxiety and late-night mind marathons? Or, are you a naturally chilled person who would like to discover strategies to help brighten and enlighten the moods and attitudes of others while creating even more pleasant moments in your life?

This solution will help turn chaos to calm in seconds. Introducing… the Chill Pill Prescription to manage stress, soothe the soul and embrace the incredible you.

This Chill Pill Prescription guides you through a powerful sequence of strategies that can transform you into one of those graceful, strong and sensible people we all love to be around. The seven steps and exercises described in this book will help turn hurries, worries and whining into more compassionate and productive actions.

You’ll unlock a treasure trove of grace, strength, and sensibility that exists within. Picture yourself as a ninja-like Yoda: Cool, calm, and capable in the face of any storm life throws your way.

All it requires is the desire to keep moving and improving. Side effects may include contagious smiles, a surge of positive vibes, and the overwhelming desire to spread joy to others.

This prescription is an effective way of making ancient truths and modern science accessible to anyone in a way they can incorporate these truths to improve their happiness and effectiveness as a human being every day.

C. Louis Perrinjacquett "Doc PJ " MD MPH

I found myself using this prescription within 24 hours of reading this book. Highly recommended!

Christine Jensen, Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication Iowa State University