Testimonies from Teachers using Funsical

I’ve noticed a definite decrease in spastic behavior following these activities!
Cheryl Buck, Caregiver

Children are more active and creative, especially in the play area where I see them integrating Funsical activities into their creative play.
Cyndy – Moujntain Tots, Eagle CO

I find that by doing Funsical in the morning the children are more focused and able to make clearer choices about what to do next.
Lyndsay – Buena Vista Head Start, CO

Thank you for showing children they can have fun exercising no matter what size or shape they are. They are truly creative and well organized activities. The children seem to memorize them easily. We saw children respond to these activities where they had not responded before. The kids have fun and make friends with each other quicker now.
Rose and Arlene – Stauter Head Start, Pueblo CO

I truly mean it when I say that Funsical has really made a difference. The growth in children’s physical health as seen on their assessments is all because of this program.
Linda Adams – The Center, Leadville CO

Funsical helps an overweight child get the physical activity that is not offered at home. It helps a child’s imagination, listening skills, coordination, social skills and most important self control and listening skills. It also helps the teachers get some much needed exercise as well.
Arlene and Tammy – Belmont Head Start, Pueblo, CO

The shy and backward children who have a hard time interacting with other children, are overcoming their shyness much quicker since we’ve been participating in the Funsical program at our Head Start. Ruby – Riverside Head Start, Grand Junction, CO

Some of the kids will participate in this when they won’t participate in other group activities. But after doing Funsical they become more energetic, courageous and willing to participate in other things.
Janet – Fruita Head Start, CO

The children look forward to doing Funsical everyday. They ask for it all the time and sing the songs frequently throughout the day. It’s a very rewarding experience and leaves the children in a positive mood. Rebecca – Jamaica Head Start, Aurora, CO

Since we’ve been doing Funsical, the children are more tuned in to all movement and music activities, and their participation has increased to 100%. We are noticing a big improvement in balance and coordination.
Theresa – Belmont Head Start, Pueblo CO

The children who didn’t want to participate in the beginning are now happily taking part. I see a big change in them. They are singing and acting out different parts throughout the day.
Marie – Fulton Heights Head Start, Pueblo, CO

We are thrilled with the new movement and music ideas that Funsical brings to our children. It is a time for renewing excitement for our teachers as well.
Reta Ott – A Child’s Touch, Thornton, CO

I have seen several very shy and introverted children gain more confidence and skills through this program. Overall, I see this program has increased in coordination, stamina and the abilities to follow directions more than other programs I have used.
Linda K – Dillon Valley Preschool

Funsical has really increased the confidence and willingness for my shy and less confident children to participate and attempt new skills. It seems to make them more comfortable to go out of their comfort zones.
Kristen – Upper Blue Preschool

Funsical really helps me as a teacher plan for and improve gross motor skills. It definitely gets the kids moving , helps with listening and following directions and fosters their imaginations. I noticed immediately when Brandon started the program in January, that he seemed to immediately come out his shell, when nothing else worked prior to that.
Mary Ann – Silverthorne Elementary Preschool

Testimonies from Professional Educators, Therapists and Others using Funsical Fitness

Adventurobics play an integral part of our K-2 developmental curriculum. The interdisciplinary applications of this program are limitless! It truly synthesizes the auditory, visual and kinesthetic learner. James Dossett, Elementary PE Specialist, Dillon, CO

A well developed program of purposeful movement and active play! Rhonda Clements, EdD, Coordinator Graduate Physical Ed. Hofstra University

After reading your book, I feel confident that those teachers who use the contents will help young children develop character, confidence and coordination. It clearly focuses on building self-esteem, health related fitness, basic coordination activities and establishing beat awareness to various rhythms, while helping children feel good about themselves, regardless of their abilities!
Peter Werner, Physical Ed Professor, University of South Carolina

These really are great activities!
Artie Kamiya, Publisher Great Activities Magazine

I would recommend Silly-cise to anyone looking for a program that leaves children with a lasting, positive impression!
Hilari Bell, Preschool Owner

Silly-cise is a wonderful, entertaining way to teach kids positive attitudes and good health!
Kim Hilmes, Parent

The activities are ones my children keep asking for!
Bunny McNeill, Preschool

The children are definitely friendlier and cooperating more with each other! 
Linda Bartholomew, Caregiver


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