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Chafee County Times – Salida CO

Chafee County Times‘Funsical’ a fun way for children to get exercise

Scott Liebler, creator of Funsical Fitness with Funsical and Adventurobics, an early childhood exercise program. Liebler visits Salida and Buena Vista Head Start Centers twice a week. He makes special music CDs featuring three active adventures. Liebler does all the voices and sound effects against background music. Liebler worked with students at the Salida center March 1 using an “Old Mc-Donalds Farm” segment.

He provides teachers with CDs to use during the week when he isn’t at the school, so children get their exercise daily. If the reaction of the children is any indication, the program is a big hit. When Liebler arrived, students gathered around for the session. Afterwards, Liebler was bombarded with hugs and big smiles.

-All Photos by Denise Ronalds




The Valley Courier – Alamosa CO

Valley Courier

Funsical keeps kids hopping Funsical Fitness keeps kids exercising constantly; enjoying every second. One young man joins in clapping with a smile at Alamosa Head Start as part of an early childhood exercise program. Staff report at ALAMOSA— Pre-schoolers at Alamosa Head Start are learning to exercise their bodies in a fun and entertaining way.

Led by Scott Liebler of Lake-wood, the kids march, clap, raise their arms, twist, turn, and hop to songs that take them on exercise adventures. The routine had the children “file along behind Liebler like a train as they chugged their way around the classroom. Another song had them playing the air guitar.

“My primary objective is to train the teachers so they can do this on a daily basis,” said Liebler.

Liebler created Funsical Fitness with Funsical and Adventurobics, an early childhood exercise program that keeps kids exercising continuously. Teachers are given an audio CD with 16 steps, or classes, to improving children’s strength, balance nation. For the last 10 years, Liebler has been visiting classrooms, presenting parent/teacher workshops, and producing programs to promote exercise in young children. Funding for the program comes from Caring for Colorado, according to Liebler.

— Photos by Hew Hallock

Fort Morgan Times – Fort Morgan CO

Fort Morgan TimesImagination fuels Preschoolers’ fitness

Even preschoolers are jumping on the exercise bandwagon-but with a splash of fun their elders seem to miss. Tots not only take giant and baby steps, stretch and wave their arms, they take a trip in their minds when they follow along with Funsical Fitness, a program created by Scott Liebler and Denver musician Chris Macor.

Growing Healthy Together Magazine – Colorado Action For Healthy People

Another grant recipient of the Community Action for Health Promotion Initiative, Family Education Network of Weld County, has designed a program to promote healthy habits among Head Start preschool children. Moving Our Children trains classroom teachers to present a curriculum of developmentally appropriate activities to help children improve their motor skills, develop self-confidence and learn about the benefits of developing active life styles.

Leadville HeraldLeadville Herald Democrat – Leadville, CO

Kids in the Head Start program at The Center pretend they are ringing bells as one of the Funsical Fitness activities they do every Friday. Scott Liebler created and directs the 10-week program as a way to improve the children’s strength, balance, endurance and coordination.

The Denver Post

“Program developed to fight childhood obesity.” In a perfect world, all preschool children would receive the training and support they need to develop optimal physical skills, which would give them the confidence and desire to maintain a physically active lifestyle. Head Start preschool programs throughout Colorado are doing their best to bring a small part of a perfect world by taking part in the program called Funsical Fitness.




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