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Funsical Fitness workshops are guaranteed to get you up and moving and having fun while learning how to do the same for your children.

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Our workshops provide instruction as well as an opportunity for participants to work in pairs and large groups while trying the many activities we introduce. Our workshop descriptions are listed below. We can also custom design a workshop for your conference or staff training needs. 

Building a Solid Foundation for Early Learning With Four Priceless Gifts

Preschool children need well-balanced amounts of stimulation, circulation and connection to develop optimal learning and performance capabilities. Experience four of the most simple, sensible and powerful strategies to help fuel the passion, energy and motivation that helps children best express the best of who they are to become in this world.


Funsical Fitness Keeps Children Moving and Improving

Children will develop the majority of their fundamental motor skills and attitudes about physical activity between the ages of 2-10. Through repetition and a progressive sequence of developmentally appropriate activities, a child can easily build the strength, balance, endurance, character, confidence and coordination they need to develop above average physical abilities. This workshop will introduce you to a simple 5-step format of activities to share with your children.


Integrating Music, Movement and Language into a Sensible, Fun and Effective Curriculum

Music activates listening, movement stimulates learning and language let’s us communicate the results. Each is dependent on the other. Learn how to effectively combine the developmental elements of these disciplines and provide your children a logical sequence of activities to build a foundation for optimal learning, performance and thinking abilities!


Simple Stuff for Building Amazing Skills

Children can learn to do pretty much anything they want if they’re shown the simple steps that can lead them there. Discover what you can do with simple stuff like balls, bean bags, pieces of foam, hoops, ropes, paper plates, and sticks to help your children develop the intelligences and skills they need to become as physically competent as they can be!


Adventurobics – Active Storytelling for Fitness and Fun!

Young children love to use their imagination in almost everything they do. Learn how you can keep them engaged in purposeful physical activity through the ancient art of storytelling. This workshop offers a variety of proven ideas and techniques to help you incorporate a progressive sequence of developmentally appropriate skill building activities into simple stories and adventures for preschool to early elementary aged children.


Funsical – Behavior Modification Techniques

Looking for practical, effective and gentle strategies for turning those annoying, negative behavioral traits into more frequent acts of consideration and cooperation? Learn how to use proven disciplinary techniques with movement and music activities to train your children to adhere to the two basic rules of society – Be Nice and Be Safe!


Funsical Phonics and Language Development

Looking for active, effective and playful methods for teaching letter recognition, pronunciation and simple spelling?  The Funsical –  Groove and Greet, Vocalrobics and Simple Steps programs make pre-literacy activities fun and worth striving for.


How to Take a Chill Pill

Don’t let your stress take you take to an early grave. Learn how this four step martial arts reaction technique mixed with some Silly-cise is guaranteed to keep you cool, calm and collected in the midst of the havoc, madness and commotion of life’s most difficult moments.


As low as $100.00 Please call for quote 303-902-4985 


Full Day Trainings and Seminars

Hands On – Motivating Language, Music and Movement Activities to Accelerate Early Learning

Download Brochure – (Also available through the Bureau of Education and Research (BER) –



Certification Programs

We are currently offering training in the first Six Levels of Development. For more information on our certification programs see the Certification page, or call Scott Liebler at 303-902-4985



Workshop Testimonies

“We are greatly impressed with Mr. Liebler’s ability to effectively interact with many diverse populations. His presentations have proven to be both motivating and inspirational!”
George Kroeninger, Wellness Administrator
AHA, Minneapolis, MN

“Scott has a very creative way of generating energy in others and has the ability to involve any audience in his simple, fun and effective stress management exercises.”
Bo Heavers, Priority Management Systems
Denver, CO

“My students loved your presentation, and I know that you touched many of them with your sincerity and courage as well as your wit and wisdom!”
Martha Belknap, College Professor
University of Colorado

“Incorporating movement, humor and pleasant thoughts should be priorities in our daily lives. Thanks for making it seem so easy!””
Amy Colbrook, Colorado Department Health

“Great, A good message! Truly unique and captivating! Great content and presentation! Fun, fun, fun! His enthusiasm is contagious!”
General Comments from the National Wellness Conference,
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Our lead teacher’s written evaluations showed that they found this workshop to be upbeat, fun, developmentally appropriate and extremely practical.  They repeatedly mentioned that purchasing the books, tapes, and CD’s enabled them to apply the new ideas in the classroom the very next day.  They like learning why movement is important and the research that supports it.  They learned how to teach, not just what to teach.  They look forward to seeing if inappropriate classroom behaviors will be reduced with the addition of this program.

I know the program is something we will continue in our preschool curriculum.  The staff at High Plains preschool recommends Funsical Fitness to all who really care about the physical development of children.

Scott presented his Silly-cise, Grinnastics, chuckle jamming and many other Funsical activities to our children’s librarians and THEY LOVED It!  They loved the unique approach to storytelling and our children’s librarians are using them in their storytelling circles.  The kids can’t get enough of it.

Thanks for the wonderful program and innovative approach to our library story times.  I am delighted to let other libraries know this.

I would like to thank Scott for the wonderful and most useful ideas to incorporate into our children’s library programs.  I would highly recommend this workshop to all children’s librarians.

I think of Scott and all his crazy antics, and touching words of wisdom and I can’t help but smile.  Funsical is sure to tug at the heart strings and tickle the funny bones of all who experience it.

You presentation at the Yakima Valley Association for the Education of Young Children was outstanding.  You are truly an example of how professionals can demonstrate dedication toward continuing to improve the lives of young children and their families.

The workshop was exactly what I was looking for in a movement/music class.  There were so many ideas I will be able to bring back to the classroom.




Presenter Biography

Scott-tee Liebler, Chief Training Officer

Scott-tee Liebler - Funsical Program Director

Although he has a host of mentors and collaborators on this project, Scott Liebler is the primary creator and presenter of the Funsical program. You can call him Scott, but if you call him Scott-tee it will turn up the corners of your mouth and make you smile!

Scott is a writer, trainer, teacher and motor development specialist working primarily with early childhood populations. He has been developing curriculum, teaching in classrooms and training early childhood professionals for over 25 years.

Scott Liebler

His presentations, training and curriculum are based on techniques used by professional educators, medical professionals and therapists to help children achieve optimal learning, communication and physical performing abilities. A former gymnast, radio announcer and professional clown, Scott now utilizes his own experience, knowledge and passions to help all children build a foundation of skills and talents.

Scott has been teaching children and training teachers in preschools and child care centers since 1985. He has received numerous foundation grants to develop curriculum and provide training programs for early childhood professionals. He has collaborated with Colorado State University as the program director for Happy Feet, a physical activity training program for Head Start communities throughout CO. He was the full time motor development specialist for Crème de la Crème Learning Center for four years and has spent three years teaching English and developing the Funsical English program in South Korea. He now administers and provides training for the Move to Improve early childhood physical development program.

He is a seminar presenter for the Bureau of Education and Research (BER) in Bellevue WA, and an adjunct faculty member at Front Range Community College in Denver, CO where he teaches Music and Movement for the Young Child. He has written numerous articles for a variety of early childhood publications and has presented keynote speeches and given workshop presentations for hundreds of early childhood training conferences in the US, Canada and Korea.


Presentation Experience

Scott has presented to hundreds of schools, child care centers, businesses, and parent/teachers associations across the country. Among the many are:

  • Bureau of Education and Research – Bellevue, WA
  • NAEYC – Washington DC
  • National Head Start Association
  • Colorado Head Start Association
  • Colorado Parks and Recreation
  • Wizville Language Institute – Seoul South Korea
  • Chadron State College – Chadron NB
  • Whitewater Early Childhood Conference, Whitewater, WI
  • WIC Program, Colorado Department of Health
  • MVAC Head Start, Mankato, MN
  • Tri-Cities Head Start, Kennewick WA
  • Band of Ojibwe Head Start, Brainerd MN
  • Washington Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Region VIII Head Start New Director’s Conference, Denver, CO
  • Region IX Head Start Training Conference, Long Beach, CA
  • Copper Mountain Ski Resort, Copper Mountain, CO
  • Storage Tek, Golden, CO
  • Colorado Para Teachers Conference, Denver, CO
  • Jefferson County PTA, Vail, CO
  • Kansas Department of Education,Wichita, KS
  • National Child Care Conference,Las Vegas, NV
  • South East Children’s Association, Louisville, KY
  • National Head Start Training Conference – Seattle, New Orleans, and Minneapolis
  • International Play Association, Longmont, CO; Birmingham, Alabama
  • Colorado Association for the Education of Young Children,Denver, CO
  • Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Western Colorado Kid’s Fest, Grand Junction, CO
  • Colorado Association for Physical Education Recreation and Dance, Denver, CO
  • Northwest Association for the Education of Young Children, Steamboat Springs, CO
  • Nashville Area YMCA’s, Nashville, TN
  • American Indian Head Start Conference, Mesa, AZ
  • Association for Experiential Educators, Estes Park, CO
  • Association for Kinesensory Teachers, Dallas TX
  • National Wellness Conference, Stephen’s Point, WI
  • Colorado Family Child Care Association, Denver, CO


As low as $100.00 Please call for quote 303-902-4985 

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