Children`s Funsical Classes

Funsical is comprised of movement, vocalization, sensory integration, drama, humor, athletic, music, rhythm and dance techniques developed by professional educators, coaches, therapists and medical professionals.

Funsical Activity Programs

Funsical currently offers training and materials for four types of activity programs in six levels of development for ages 2-5 and older children with delays or disabilities.

Developmental Athletics

DevelopmentalDevelopmental Athletics introduces children to a variety of gross motor and ball handling skill building activities using mats and a variety of manipulatives such as bean bags, hoops, scarves, balls and more.

  • Gross Motor
  • Tumbling and Gymnastics
  • Coordination Courses
  • Games and Sports
  • Ball Handling and Manipulatives

Groove and Greet

Groove and GreetGroove and Greet activities feature sign language, chanting, beat and rhythm activities to improve social skills, speech and fine motor abilities.

  • Social Skills
  • Sing and Chant
  • Sign Language
  • Language and Speech
  • Fine Motor
  • Beat and Rhythm

Let’s Get Funsical

Developing the Motor SystemLet’s Get Funsical utilizes a series of CD recordings featuring a wide variety of stories, sounds and songs that direct children to move continuously in different speeds, directions, and rhythms while imitating various animals, objects and scenarios.

  • Creative and Coordinated Movement
  • Spatial Awareness and Timing
  • Dance and Rhythm
  • Aerobics
  • Songs, Stories and Sounds
  • Yoga and Martial Arts
  • Adventure Themes

Phonsical Fitness

Phonsical FitnessPhonsical Fitness is a most unique and effective method for teaching children letter, shape and color recognition, simple spelling, pronunciation and speaking skills with Funsical’s very own Vocalrobics and Simple Steps patterning program.

  • Pre-literacy and patterning
  • Balance and coordination
  • Vocalization
  • Shape, Color, Number Recognition
  • Vocal Awareness

Are you interested in learning how you can become certified to present Funsical classes to children in your area?

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