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Physical developmentAn ideal opportunity for energetic, fun loving, child caring people to truly have a significant impact on the physical, mental and emotional development of young children.

Funsical is a unique blending of movement, music and language development activities that lead children step-by-step through a progressive series of developmentally appropriate activities to build strength, balance, endurance, character, confidence, coordination, consideration, cooperation, and concentration.

Funsical was used as the physical activity component for Colorado State University’s Happy Feet Healthy Eats program. This program received numerous foundation grants to train Head Start children throughout the state of Colorado. It is now used in thousands of early childhood programs throughout the US, Canada and South Korea.

You can become fully qualified to present this program to children in preschools, kindergartens, health clubs, recreations centers, child care centers, and any other setting where children can learn and grow.

Our trainer certification program offers step by step instruction for implementing the four primary components of the Funsical program.

Developmental Athletics introduces children to a variety of gross motor and ball handling skill building activities using mats and a variety of manipulatives such as bean bags, hoops, scarves, balls and more.

Groove and Greet activities feature sign language, chanting, beat and rhythm activities to improve social skills, speech and fine motor abilities.

Let’s Get Funsical utilizes a series of CD recordings featuring a wide variety of stories, sounds and songs that direct children to move continuously in different speeds, directions, and rhythms while imitating various animals, objects and scenarios.

Phonsical Fitness is a most unique and effective method for teaching children letter, shape and color recognition, simple spelling, pronunciation and speaking skills with Funsical’s very own Vocalrobics and Simple Steps patterning program.

We are currently offering training in the first Six Levels of Development. For more information on our training programs, curriculum materials and workshops, please contact us or call Scott Liebler at 303-902-4985 .

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Testimonies of Certified Funsical Instructors

I have been teaching Funsical classes for six years to children in home daycares and preschools and it’s a blast! The children are eager to participate in the activities and the teachers and daycare providers value the program. The providers and teachers have me return year after year.

It is so rewarding to see the children learn new skills, whether its to finally jump with their feet off the ground when going through the Simple Steps obstacle course, hopping on one foot like a train with one wheel, or getting their fingers to finally make the sign for ‘I Love You’ in sign language.

This program is a beautiful blend of exercise, music, skill development, educational concepts, social skills and self discipline – no other program I have seen offers all these benefits in one complete package. It’s exciting to see it spreading across, not only the United Statesbut also across the world. Keep it rolling!

Kathy Bingaman, Funsical Instructor and Occupational Therapist

As a veteran elementary physical education teacher, I love how the flexibility of this curriculum allows me to adapt my teaching style to it. I can easily integrate all my experiences and add to the concepts and skills that I am teaching through Funsical.

The curriculum starts with very basic skills and progresses step by step to more complicated skills without threatening or intimidating the children. This becomes evident as the children are so eager to participate, and their progress becomes so obvious.

I particularly enjoy the Let’s Get Funsical CD series that exposes children to such a wide variety of music and movement experiences. It’s amazing how they hold the children’s attention and keep them engaged in continuous movement experiences for 15 minutes at a time.

The program allows me to address the growing and developmental aspects of the whole child – physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. I am so pleased I chose to become a Certified Funsical Instructor and would recommend it to anyone who has a true passion and desire to really nurture young children!

Marla Winn, Funsical Instructor, Pueblo,CO



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