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ALL children come into this world with 100% potential! Early childhood is the best time to prepare your children to discover their passions and develop the skills to acquire talents and achieve their potential! Research indicates that children need Stimulation, Circulation and Connection to build the strongest foundation for achieving their potential! FUNSICAL provides a proven sequence of Music, Movement, and Language experiences to build a solid foundation of: Strength, Balance, Endurance, Character, Confidence and Coordination

Your Children come into this world and remain forever – 100% Potential!……


Through Funsical programs children get to practice the basic fundamental activities for developing necessary skills in athletics, music, dance, drama, sports, speech and learning.  Exposing them to a variety of arts is the best way for them to discover the passions that lie within themselves.  Finding the passions inside, is what motivates them to develop the esteem, desire and momentum for bringing it outside to share with the rest of the world.

The initial goals of Funsical are to enhance children’s listening skills and concentration as well as physical and mental self-control.  Early childhood research shows that these skills are essential for helping children develop their comprehension of language as well as for building the neurological network that leads to optimal learning and performance abilities.

Children begin by practicing basic movement and vocalization patterns while following simple music and verbal instructions.  As their concentration, proficiency and comprehension improve, they will advance, step by step, through higher levels of development.

During Funsical participation, children will progress through six levels of development depending on their current skill level.  Each level takes approximately two months to complete based on a child participating in at least one class per week.

  • Step One – Mighty Mice
  • Step Two – Super Squirrels
  • Step Three – Awesome Otters
  • Step Four – Coordinated Cats
  • Step Five – Marvelous Monkeys
  • Step Six – Great Gorillas
Two Habits that Turn Children into elite Learners and Performers


Make no mistake about it – your child is a potential genius!  All children come into this world with 100% potential learning and performing capabilities.   Too bad they don’t come with an individualized instruction book that tells us their purpose and outlines the steps to develop their potential.

Fortunately, “you don’t have be a genius to begin developing that potential for your children in their early childhood years.”  All you really need to do is help them develop the two habits that all elite learners and performers have – Passion and Practice.  Or as I like to call “the whole kit and caboodle.”

There are absolutely no secret formulas, magic dust or super genes that allow some children to grow up to become superior learners or performers.  All great athletes, performers and creators develop two basic habits between the ages of 2-5.

1.  They begin to follow and practice a progressive sequence of activities to acquire optimal physical skills and thinking abilities.

2.  They have someone like you who keeps them practicing and consistently encourages them to “do their best!”

The superstars of the world have what I like to call the whole “Kit and Caboodle.”

The Kit is the curriculum or the progressive sequence of simple steps that they need to take and practice in order to build the skills within their body and mind.

The Caboodle is the passion, encouragement, determination, confidence and all the other great attitudes inside their minds that keep them practicing and believing in their abilities throughout their lifetime.

All this can be nurtured in the early childhood years.  Now is the time to start building the skills your children will have for the rest of their lives.  I firmly believe and have proven that all children can build a foundation of strength, balance, endurance, character, confidence and coordination between the ages of 2-5.

I teach, and have taught in thousands of preschool classrooms and child care centers for over 25 years.  I see a small minority of children who appear to already have these two habits engrained in their hearts, bodies and minds.  I believe they can be engrained into the hearts, bodies and minds of all children.

What are you doing to instill these habits into the hearts, bodies and minds of your children, so they can become the brilliant people they are so capable of being?  This is my passion and practice, so if you need help or suggestions please let me know.

Three Processes Children Need to Receive to Achive their Greatest Potential


Actually there are five -Rest – Nutrition – Stimulation – Circulation – Connection

However, since there are so many experts in the areas of rest and nutrition, I will leave it up to them to provide you with that information.  As an early childhood motor development specialist my background and experience allows me to offer my expertise in the areas of stimulation, circulation and connection.

  • Stimulation of the whole brain and body
  • Circulation of blood, energy and nutrients throughout the entire body and mind
  • Connections of the brain to the body through the nervous system

Research has proven that consistent and balanced amounts of these three processes in the early childhood years are absolutely vital for building the foundation for achieving a person’s greatest potential. Perhaps the single most important piece of information I have acquired about early learning is that it is most definitely not all done in the brain alone.  When it comes to learning, thinking, moving and communicating there are THREE parts of the body interactively engaged with these processes: the Brain, Nervous System and Muscles. We receive input and information through our senses.  We see it, smell it, touch it, hear it and taste it.  This input is then processed into knowledge, action or experience through an interaction between the brain, nervous system and muscles. I like to consider this our body’s motor system.  Just like a finely tuned car, when the body’s motor system is running efficiently and effectively then learning and living becomes more fun, effortless and desirable.  It is through balanced and consistent amounts of stimulation, circulation and connection that this motor system functions most effectively. Keeping your child’s motor system functioning effectively will increase their potential for learning, moving and communicating more effectively with their whole body and mind!  They will become happier, more alert and much more competent and capable as they continue into life! How are you providing these three processes to your children on a daily basis?  It’s my passion and practice to provide these processes for children.  I would be happy to help you in any way I can.

Three Disciplines That Build the Strongest Foundation for Learning, Performing and Communicating
 The latest brain research reveals that three of the most effective disciplines for building a strong foundation for developing learning and performance skills in the early childhood years are Music, Movement and Speech. 

Music – can cultivate good listening skills and make essential connections between the brain, nervous system and muscles.  Good listening skills and a well connected nervous system promote concentration and coordination.  Concentration and coordination are what children must be able to do in order to learn and perform difficult tasks.

Movement – builds strength, balance, endurance, character, confidence and coordination.  It is also the most effective way to stimulate the whole brain and body, make connections between the brain, nervous system and muscles and increase the circulation of blood, energy and nutrients throughout the entire body and mind.

Speech –  allows us to use language and communicate.  Speaking, singing, humming, howling, laughing and the making of sounds are some of the most effective ways to oxygenate and stimulate the cells, tissues and organs as well as to relax the muscles of the chest throat and abdominal areas.  This helps us release the physical effects of negative emotions and promotes steady and even circulation of blood and energy.

Children already know this intuitively!  That’s why the average 2-5 year olds are in constant motion and consistently making sounds in what seems like an endless amount of energy.  They are just doing what nature is telling them to do for their optimal development.

All you have to do is play some music or sing and play Patty Cake with an infant and they will smile, make sounds and joyfully move along with you.  Their attention and cooperation shows you they are receiving adequate stimulation, circulation and connection for developing their bodies and minds.

What are you doing to allow your children to listen to music, experience movement and make the sounds that will engage their bodies and minds?  This is my passion and practice, so if you need any help or suggestions please let me know.


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