What this certification will help you to learn

… and be able to teach your children

1. Help Children Achieve Optimal Motor Skills

Learn to design a sensible sequence of progressive movement patterns children can practice step by step to build a solid foundation of strength, balance, endurance, confidence and coordination.

2. Understand How Movement Opens the Doors to Learning

Discover how movement is essential for optimal brain development, emotional stabilitiy and enhancing learning abilities through stimulation and circulation.

3. Use Music to Promote Listening and Concentration

Learn the importance of starting with simple sounds to promote active listening and developing concentration and using progressive movement patterns and dance steps to enhance memory and timing skills with rhythm building activities.

4. Explore the Voice and Build Confidence to Speak and Communicate

Discover practical strategies to help children explore their vocal abilities and enhance pitch, range, tone, volume and pronunciation.

5. Stimulate the Whole Brain and Balance Learning Styles

Learn how to use music, speech and movement to create multi-sensory learning techniques to balance and strengthen visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning abilities.

6. Foster Interest in Physical Activity and Help Prevent Obesity

Children love to move, some never stop moving, so learn how to incorporate activities that provide purpose to their natural desires to move.

7. Enhance Creativity and Imagination

Learn how to incorporate imaginary adventures and design stories that keep children moving continuously for several minutes to build cardiovascular endurance, decrease stress and tension and stimulate the imagination.

8. Effective ESL Strategies

Use these activities to teach children the basics of the English language, and offer your students a fast but fun track into learning language.

9. Achieve Academic Learning Objectives While Having Fun

Learn how to direct children to step, hop, tap, jump, sing and dance while learning to identify shapes, colors, numbers and letters, and learn basic facts about science and nature.

10. Become More Effective With All Learning Styles and Behaviors!

Learn strategic ways to address developmental delays and help children deal more effectively with learning and behavioral difficulties.

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