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Magical Mood Tuner Training Manual

Level 1-6 Training Manuals available through Certification program only

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“Makes Behavior Management more fun, meaningful and effective!”

How to Take Chill Pill and Raise Cool, Considerate and Cooperative Kids! Training Manual ONLY!

Nothing works better than a lot of love and logic with a little magic when it comes to brightening the moods and tuning the attitudes of young children.. This simple magic trick mixed with the AAA approach to discipline is one of the most powerful strategies for feeding the ever expanding minds of young children with thoughts of encouragement and self worth. Even the most discouraged and frustrated children can brighten their spirits with this powerful combination of behavior transformation strategies!

  • Makes “time out” situations more useful, meaningful.and effective!
  • Great for promoting daily affirmations and instilling positive virtues inside the growing mind!
  • A compilation of some of the most effective disciplinary and behavior management techniques in the early childhood arts and sciences.
  • Learn how to use the Awareness, Acceptance and Action steps to approach all disciplinary situations with much love and logic!
  • Learn how to “take a chill pill” to keep yourself cool, calm, collected and be someone they can trust.
  • Learn the three most powerful phrases that keep children moving and improving with esteem and confidence!

Price: $12.99

Need Help Deciding? – Please contact us or call 800-530-3675

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