H.E.A.R.T.S Education Foundation

Health Environmental Artistic Resource Training Services Education Foundation

(H.E.A.R.T.S.) a 501c3 non-profit corporation created to serve and facilitate in the development of children and youth, with goals of reaching out to surrounding neighborhoods with effective programs to empower their community.

H.E.A.R.T.S. mission is to “share the responsibility” of developing independent, capable, and socially adjusted children with caring teachers, parents and guardians


Moving and Improving
An Early Childhood Initiative to:

  1. Reduce risk factors for obesity, heart disease and diabetes
  2. Decrease the impact of learning and behavior disorders
  3. Increase learning, performing and communication skills and abilities

Childhood obesity, heart disease, diabetes, behavior disorders and learning disabilities like Autism and ADHD are rapidly rising along with the costs of treating these disorders. These problems and costs are significantly higher where poverty is prevalent. With the majority of brain development, attitudes, habits and fundamental skills being developed in the first five years of life, it makes sense to address and take measures to PREVENT these potential disorders in children before they bring harm.

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  1. Impact the physical fitness, social skills, learning abilities and self esteem of preschool children by providing direct service programs for low income preschool classrooms, special needs programs and early child care facilities.
  2. Increase the knowledge, skills and competence of parents, child care workers and preschool teachers for implementing and practicing developmentally appropriate and research based curriculum.
  3. Increase community involvement to endorse and promote this initiative.

Objectives and Steps

Through the Moving and Improving initiative, H.E.A.R.T.S Education Foundation will accomplish the following objectives by taking these steps.

Objective #1

Increase the strength, balance, endurance, confidence and muscular coordination of children age 2-5 and those with special needs.

Steps to Accomplish This Objective

Provide training classes for children in their preschools and child care centers with certified trainers from their community.

Provide video programming for children to watch and train themselves in a variety of skill building activities.

Provide support and incentives from the community to encourage and motivate participation

Objective #2

Educate and train parents, care givers and teachers to provide developmentally appropriate and research based curriculum materials and training programs to their children

Steps to Accomplish This Objective

Provide hands-on workshop training and on-line video certification training programs and lesson plans that offer continuing education credits for care givers, teachers and other early childhood professionals.

Provide parent newsletters, a social media campaign and on-line video training to parents.

Provide curriculum materials and television programming and other instructional materials for use in the classroom and home.

Objective # 3

Develop promotional and endorsement campaigns within the community to support and motivate involvement of parents, teachers and children.

Steps to Accomplish This Objective

  1. Produce and provide newspaper articles, radio and television PSA’s
  2. Produce and deliver a social media campaign
  3. Procure and provide incentives from community merchants to award participation

How Moving and Improving Programs Will Strengthen Children

The goal of the Moving and Improving curriculum is to provide children, parents, teachers and care givers the whole “Kit and Caboodle” when it comes to training children to develop the primary foundational skills necessary for acquiring their optimal learning, performing and communication abilities. The Kit being the progressive sequence of activities that build skills through practice and repetition. The Caboodle represents the motivation, determination and confidence to keep practicing the activities that come in the kit.

Research is proving that the most efficient strategies for developing proficiency in human performance involve training programs designed to improve the functioning of the body’s motor system. By motor system we are referring to the functioning and integration of the brain, nervous system and muscles.

Research proves that the five major strategies for improving the functioning of the human motor system are:

  • Rest
  • Nutrition
  • Stimulation
  • Connection
  • Circulation

The primary strategies of the programs administered by the Moving and Improving initiative will be to provide children with research based activities that provide balanced and consistent:

  • Stimulation of the whole brain and brain and body
  • Connection between the brain, nervous system and muscles
  • Circulation of blood and energy

Research is proving that the three most effective strategies for providing balanced stimulation, connection and circulation in the early childhood years are through music, movement and vocalization activities.

Music promotes listening and rhythm comprehension which develops concentration and self regulation.

Movement builds strength, balance, endurance, character, confidence and coordination, as well as to help manage stress, maintain emotional stability and enhance learning abilities.

Vocalization activities like speaking, singing, humming, howling, laughing improve speaking abilities and help to oxygenate and relax the muscles of the chest, throat and abdominal areas for steady breathing and circulation of blood and energy.

The Moving and Improving initiative will focus on providing children with programs that offer progressive sequences of activities that have been proven to build skills step by step. The activities are based on those used by professional music, dance and physical educators as well as occupational, physical, behavior and speech therapies.


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How Moving and Improving Programs Will Strengthen Parents, Teachers, and Care Givers

As a result of participation in this program, parents, teachers and caregivers will learn the latest research and proven strategies to accomplish the following top 10 objectives for their children.

  1. Increase their children’s academic readiness during their first five years of life
  2. Increase their children’s physical activity levels
  3. Build a foundation of strength, balance, endurance and coordination
  4. Foster interest and passion for being physically active
  5. Enhance social-emotional development and self esteem
  6. Use more proven, sensible and loving disciplinary techniques to manage behavior more effectively
  7. Learn how to use music more strategically to promote listening and concentration abilities
  8. Learn how to promote and direct purposeful movement activities to develop physical skills and self control
  9. Learn how to use vocalization activities to build a foundation for eloquent speech, phonological processing, literacy skills and competent communication abilities
  10. Help their children manage stress more effectively, control their behavior and maintain emotional stability

How Moving and Improving Developed and Grows

The Moving and Improving concept began in June 1990 after receiving a two year grant rom the Summit Foundation to provide teacher training and develop classroom curriculum materials for all the early childhood facilities in Summit County CO.

Received a three year grant in October 1996 from Colorado Action for Healthy People to provide teacher/parent training for the Weld County Head Start community in Colorado.

In October of 1999 the program received another three year grant from Colorado Action for Healthy People to provide training programs for Head Start classrooms in the Denvermetro area.

In order to expand to Head Start communities throughout the entire state ofColoradothe program received funding from the Colorado Trust, General Mills and Caring for Colorado Foundations to create the Happy Feet Healthy Eats program in collaboration with the Colorado State University’s Colorado Nutrition Network from 1999 to 2005.

In June of 2005 program founder Scott Liebler moved toSouth Koreato teach the Moving and Improving curriculum and further develop the speech and language portion of the program.

Moving and Improving became the name of the program in the fall of 2007, and received grants for support and development from the Summit Foundation and Vail Echo for implementation in Summit County Colorado and Mapleton Early Learning Center in Denver,CO.


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Program Evaluations and Proof of Concept

Throughout the history of this program the program, Moving and Improving has undergone a variety of evaluation methods to prove its worth and value. The most profound results have come from quantitative evaluations of children’s actual increases in strength and endurance.

In order to measure basic improvements in strength and endurance children were evaluated in four pre and post tests conducted in the beginning and end of each program period of 12 weeks.

Arm and upper body strength was tested by counting how many times a child could lift a basketball up over their head.

Leg strength was tested by counting how many times a child could lift each leg up and down while lying on their back.

Endurance was tested by counting how many times a child could jump back and forth across a line and how many times they could run back and forth in a10 yard area.

The testing was conducted with a control group that received no formal training and active sites that were receiving the Move and Improve curriculum. Results consistently revealed the following percentage of increases:

Control Group averaged 7.5 % increases

Active Sites averaged 68 % increases

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How You Can Help Get More Children Moving and Improving

In order to expand the Moving and Improving Initiative, the HEARTS Education Foundation is currently seeking and procuring funding, sponsorships and strategic partnerships to develop and deliver programming throughout theUSand other Countries.

100% of general funds donated to HEARTS Education Foundation go directly to support the development and implementation of Moving and Improving programs for low income preschools and child care centers.

Your tax deductible contribution to the HEARTS Education Foundation (EIN # 27-2496477) are much needed and deeply appreciated.

To make a tax deductible donation please send check or money order to:

HEARTS Education Foundation
353 Ponderosa Dr.

Or make your donation through Pay Pal by clicking here (Pay Pal)

Donate and Receive Free Funsical Products

Make a $30.00 donation and receive a free Funsical CD or class download

Make a $60.00 donation and receive 2 free Funsical CD’s or downloads

Make a $100.00 donation and receive the full set of Funsical CD’s or downloads.

Make a $150.00 donation and receive the full set of Funsical CD’s and the Simple Steps Coordination Course


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You can bring the Moving and Improving program to an early childhood program of your choice. Sponsorships are available and individually created as per request of sponsor/donors.

For More Information Call – Scott Liebler 303-902-4985

Or (e-mail)hearts@hearts.com


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FUNSICAL FUNdraising Opportunities

Raise money for your organization and HEARTS Education Foundation by selling Funsical Musical Products and Coordination Courses.

1/3 of retail price goes to your organization for your projects

1/3 goes to Hearts Education Foundation to expand the Moving and Improving Initiative

For More Information Call – Scott Liebler 303-902-4985

Or (e-mail)hearts@hearts.com